Stock Sales

Stock Sales

Wout Berger. photo. Kas met varens, 120×150 cm, 3/3 , 2001 (printed and framed in plexi/dbond).  Price: ask the gallery.
Kas met varens, 120x150 cm, 2001


Bas Princen. photo. Future Olympic Park, 50×65 cm, 2/12, 2007 (printed/framed). Price: ask the gallery.
Future olympic park, 65x81 of 125x155 cm, 2007

Aart Houtman, oil on canvas, 160×280 cm, 1989. Price: ask the gallery.
Website Aart Houtman_bewerkt-1


Jos van Merendonk, oil on canvas, 100×100 cm, 1983. Price: ask the gallery.
Website Jos van Merendonk 100x100 cm, 1983


Jos van Merendonk, oil on canvas 30×30 cm, 1989. Price: ask the gallery
Website Jos van Merendonk 30x30 cm_bewerkt-1

Marc Mulders, Irissen III, oil on canvas, 80×200 cm, 1999. Price: ask the gallery.

Marc Mulders Irissen












Marc Mulders, Vissen, oil on canvas, 40×150 cm, 1995. Price: ask the gallery.










Ronald Zuurmond, zt, oil on paper, 50×65 cm, 2006.  Price: ask the gallery










Maarten Wetsema, Roos, 70×70 cm, foto, 5/5, 2002. Price: ask the gallery.












Johan de Haas, Verstrooiing in grijs, 49×49 cm, oil/wood, 1988. Price: ask the gallery.











Stéphane Couturier, Boulevard Barbés, 128×107 cm, a.p.2, 2001. Price: ask the gallery.

Boulevard Barbes - Paris 18 - photo n°1 - 2002 Ilfoflex - 107 x 87 cm + 11 cm marges blanches - 8 ex.