Art Rotterdam Revisited

Art Rotterdam Revisited

The exhibition Art Rotterdam Revisited showing the work of Robert Glas, Tom Janssen and Benjamin Li, opens at 28 February 2016, at 4 pm in the gallery. Art Rotterdam Revisited present more work than we could show on the past art fair in the Van Nelle Factory. It is an extended exhibition of the work of these three young artists who made their debut on the art fair. The exhibition runs till 14 april, 2106.

Tom Janssen - Parade - Art Rotterdam - 03


Tom Janssen, Flower parade Zundert #3, 100×125 cm, 2010











Vreemdelingendetentie, isoleercel, locatie Zeist      Vreemdelingendetentie, isoleercel, locatie Zeist

Robert Glas, Vreemdelingendetentie Zeist, 2 x 120×90 cm, 2015

TE KOOP - Oranje Design Bank

Benjamin Li, Te Koop Design bank, 90×135 cm, 2013