Art Walk With Me

Art Walk With Me

Art Walk With Me is a unique tour, guided by Art professionals, that takes place in The Hague on five Sundays, starting the end of April.

Eight galleries in The Hague with contemporary art open their doors and offer the possibility to get acquainted with professional fine art and the art world.

The gallery owners and artists participating in the exhibition on show, are present to give background information and answer any questions about the exhibition, the gallery business and what’s going on in the art world. After the tour you can participate in a dinner with all the gallery owners and artists.

Sunday 29 April
The first tour takes place Sunday 29 April, from 12 – 5 pm and will be guided by Alex de Vries (art critic and curator) and/or Elina van Tuinen-Taselaar (art historian).
The tour starts at LhGWR, with a small lunch. On to West, galerie Maurits van de Laargalerie Van Kranendonk, Nouvelles Images, galerie Ramakers and galerie Helder and the last stop of the tour is Livingstone gallery. There the tour will be closed with drinks and a performance by artist Melle de Boer. Afterwards the galleries provide you with the opportunity to have dinner in restaurant Blossom, next to Livingstone.

Special multiple
A special multiple is offered by each gallery for this event, a work by one of its artists for a special price. Van Kranendonk gallery offers two photos by Jan Adriaans, have a look here.

Art Walk With Me is organised by Bureau Haagse Galeries: a special cooperation between galerie Helder, LhGWR (Liefhertje en de Grote Witte Reus), Livingstone gallery, galerie Maurits van de Laar, Nouvelles Images, galerie Ramakers, Van Kranendonk gallery and West.

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