Capriccio II

Capriccio II

Concept by Pim Voorneman

Finissage: Musik Salon
Saturday 1 March, 5 – 7 pm

Michael van Hoogenhuyze (art historian and accordionist) will give a talk about the relation music and fine art, followed by a collective listening session of all the music in the exhibition.

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This exhibition explores the connection between music and visual art.
In his last opera Capriccio, Richard Strauss posed the question: what is more important in the arts; words or music. In this opera the drama is based on the love of the principal character for both a poet and a composer. After two hours of vivacious music the question still remains unanswered. The answer exists only in the imagination of the audience.

In the exhibition Capriccio II the visitors are challenged with the question: image or music. The image is linked to a piece of music chosen by the artist.
The following artists are participating:

Rachel Bacon (Usa), Andrea Freckmann (D), Henri Jacobs, Natascha Libbert, Jos van Merendonk, Olphaert den Otter, Roland Schimmel, Pim Voorneman, Minnie Weisz (Uk), Nicolas Wilmouth (Fr).


The Opening on Saturday 25 January.

publiek  publiek-4  publiek-7

aandacht  concentratie  tafel-met-koptelefoons-en-mp3

The works ons show:

rubys-room-minnie-weisz  13102494  labadi-boy-natascha-libbert

Minnie Weisz                                    Roland Schimmel                     Natascha Libbert


failure-typography-rachel-bacon   as-straight-as-a-die-pim-voorneman  fire-island-olphaert-den-otter


Rachel Bacon                                 Pim Voorneman                              Olphaert den Otter


der-prinz-andrea-freckmann   zt-jos-van-merendonk   promise-nicolas-wilmouth


Andrea Freckmann                        Jos van Merendonk                      Nicolas Wilmouth




Henri Jacobs


Capriccio 2 in de pers: