Domestic Landscapes. Photography by Bert Teunissen

Opening: Saturday 31 August, 4 pm.
Exhibition period: 31 August - 9 October 2013.

Domestic Landscapes. Photography by Bert Teunissen

Europe consist of many different countries and cultures, and therefore, also of many different people. Yet, there is a common factor in all the images Bert Teunissen took during the last recent years on his trips throughout European countries. This factor is light. Photography itself is about light, caught through the lens of the camera. Life in small village houses in the countryside, in a stationary time, far from the fast metropolitan internet world, in cold or warm European countries, is also about light.

This light comes through large windows in Northern European countries like The Netherlands and Germany, which brings brightness into the interiors, due to the lack of sun most of the time. In contrast, in southern countries, like Spain, Italy and Portugal, the sun is strong and bright so houses have thick walls and small windows, or even no windows at all but only a small hole in the roof to let the smoke of the fireplace go out and to bring sparse light inside.

Bert Teunissen is a master in showing these simple houses and their residents, by using only the existing natural light to portray them in their habitat.
All the portrayed people look at the viewer with dignity and self-confindence, totally fused with the space in which they sit or stand. Mostly, in the heart of the house, the kitchen, which reveals a simple life without any luxury in all its details.

The confrontation with the interiors and its occupants, living there for many generations or so it seems, is not alienating. The photographs appeal to a collective memory of how our grandparents and parents lived. For the younger generation this may no longer be obvious.  It is also in this respect that Bert Teunissen very importantly brings this world, still today close by, into focus.