Quasi tutti

Euf Lindeboom

26 November 2011 – 14 January 2012

On Friday 9 December 2011 a special evening took place with performances by artists and writers; Toon Tellegen (writer), Philip Akkerman (artist), Gustaaf Peek (writer), gerlach en koop (artists), Olphaert den Otter (artist), Wim van Sinderen (curator Photomuseum The Hague) interviews Euf Lindeboom, presentation by Kees ‘t Hart (writer).

The work of the artist Euf Lindeboom manifests itself in a variety of forms and disciplines. Her fascination for architecture is key, a fascination for houses, for run of the mill barns, for dilapidated buildings, for farms, places of longing, sadness and decay, of hope and caring, in short of places where people live. Painted in a sober style she puts these architectoral “lives”in an abstract context. Sometimes a landscape is suggested, but usually the house stands alone and gets all the attention. Color and composition define all which makes the houses more personal floor plans of an inner emotion than realistic representations. In the paintings she dedicates to famous colleages, “Paintings for Painters”, the houses have a supporting role.
She shows a more detached and yet humorous approach to this theme with her “mobile homes”, scale models of fantasy houses on wheels. These are transformed into sculptural objects which can move about freely in space.

The exhibition is not called Quasi Tutti by accident, almost all the works. There are also drawings of floor plans with real flies or other small insects inside. It seems the rooms in the floor plans are intended for the flies to live in. The Fauna drawings show us also pictures of birds that are attached,glued,sewn,laminated to the paper with a variety of materials.
Euf is not afraid to experiment. She also makes Flora drawings, sometimes with real leaves as a visual element. The series “Poppy” contains a drawing with the letters p-o-p-p-y written on poppyleaves. The title is ‘that’s my name’ and with this she shows a different aspect of her artistry, her ability to work with language in a visual way. Very outspoken are the paintings of birds, almost all with a poetic title or piece of text. The next step of this multifaceted artist is language itself, poetry which culminated in poems which have been published in literary magazines like most recently “De Revisor”.

Euf Lindeboom shows with this exhibition Quasi Tutti almost all the paintings, drawings, images, texts, not as a goal in themselves but as a way to show and tell her story. This exhibition shows a wide range of meanings and poetical possibilities of a very personal touch.