Horizon – landscape – water

An evening with:

Jan Koster, Bjarne Mastenbroek, Tracy Metz, Pieter Schengenga

Friday 30 March 8 pm


In the exhibition Veecaten & Dronthen, on view in the gallery until 21 April, Dutch landscape photographer Jan Koster shows his most recent landscape photographs. His interest lies in the changing landscape of rivers, estuaries and seasides. In this exhibition the area around the IJssel river is on show.

Friday evening 30 March these landscapes, the relations with water and the changing horizon, will be the topic of conversation. Jan Koster will be interviewed by art critic Merel Bem. Tracy Metz will speak about the exhibition Sweet & Salt, Water and the Dutch in de Kunsthal Rotterdam and the publication she wrote. Pieter Schengenga and Bjarne Masternbroek will speak about their work and the changing Dutch landscape.

19.30 Door open
20.00 Interview with Jan Koster by Merel Bem (Art critic)
20.30 Tracy Metz (publicist and writer), on a.o. the exhibition Sweet & Salt, Water and the Dutch in de Kunsthal
21.00 Pieter Schengenga (Landscape Architect, H+N+S), on the IJssel delta
21.30 Bjarne Mastenbroek (Architect, SeARCH), on the Dutch horizon
22.00 Drinks

About the speakers
Jan Koster was born in Kampen and lives and works in Amsterdam. He studied History at the Amsterdam University and Photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Jan Koster is known as photographer of the Dutch river landscape.

Merel Bem is an art critic for the Dutch daily de Volkskrant and specialized in photography.

Tracy Metz, American by origin, is a journalist and author on urban and spatial issues. She is a staff reporter for the quality Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad and is an international correspondent for Architectural Record.

Pieter Schengenga is a landscape architect and project manager at H+N+S Landscape Architects.

Bjarne Mastenbroek is an architect, in 2002 he founded SeARCH, together with Ad Bogerman. SeARCH developes (Landscape) Architecture and Urban Planning and researches new products and materials.

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