Veecaten & Dronthen – Jan Koster

Exhibition: 10 March – 21 April, 2012

Opening: Saturday 10 March, 4 pm

The well known Dutch landscape photographer Jan Koster shows his most recent landscape photographs. His interest lies in the changing landscape of rivers, estuaries and seasides.
The land beneath these places of silent nature, not yet disturbed by environmental processes of expanding cities, where cows lay on their backs in the grass chewing, looking relaxed, where humming birds are heard or bees on their way to discover sweet flowers. In different seasons he followed two spots in the IJssel delta, he knows so well because of his youth in nearby Kampen. One spot, an overgrown pond in the polder Dronthen, lies along an old sea dike that has been succumbed many times under the pressure of rising water. The other spot, standing on a modern and broad river dike near Veecaten, offers a panoramic view of the IJssel, flowing in a wide curve from the Veluwe area into the delta. But it is not sheer romance these images evoke, they show also the designed nature of The Netherlands, the controlled and constructive attitude that makes villages and cities expand and make nature disappear. The underlying danger of human behavior is always present.

Friday 30 March we will organise an evening with Jan Koster and special guests. Click here for the programme.

First floor: during this exhibition we show work by Thomas Zika on the first floor of our house.