Magnified Landscapes – Wim van Egmond

Opening: Saturday 20 October 2012, 4 pm

Exhibition period: 20 October - 15 December 2012

Magnified Landscapes - Wim van Egmond

The camera of Wim van Egmond has microscopic qualifications, because he can come very close to the subject he wants to photograph. A sea anemone in a tidal pool on the shore of Brittany is so small, so tiny, that every traveller would pass it unexpectedly, simply because you cannot see this small sea animal. Suppose you could see a glimpse, you still would pass because this anemone is not sensational, it is a tiny creature which will not leave an imprint in your brain, nor give a signal or impulse of any meaning.

And that lies exactly in the interest of the artist, this insignificant world, this non conspicuous world because not at all visible in this small nature on the surface of the earth. The unexpected whimsicality of form and colour, the unexpected beauty of this mini animal or a group of algae, or simple shells and small crabs, a bundle of small wood, a beetle bumping over mudded grass, the poor vegetation alongside water and near ditches or on poor or burned land, that forms the art of Wim van Egmond.

The title Magnified Landscapes, points out that these small pieces of tidal sea land or surfaces of dry land where cows just passed by, or land where the smallest creatures come to eat their small meals, all these tiny puzzle pieces of nature are landscapes in itself. Van Egmond’s ability is to find convincing compositions when enlarging these small pieces without losing this landscape quality. The complexity of his magnified landscapes is so intense that it will take much time to adapt to the whole meaning and beauty of his work. The new images are mainly taken of Dutch soil, and are so called Dutch landscapes.

Art Book and special edition
We are making a new book with Wim van Egmond, by purchasing a special edition of the photograph Stone shelter, you can contribute to the making of this book. Your name will be printed inside and you will receive a free copy. Contact us for more information.

Wim van Egmond, Stone shelter, 2012
Size: 50 x 60 cm (with white margin)
Edition: 29
Price: € 950  (including framing and VAT)

Size: 30 x 34 cm
Edition: 750
Text and photographs: Wim van Egmond

Wim van Egmond, Stone shelter, 2012