Mudflats and Tankers

Mudflats and Tankers


Mudflats & Tankers

The coming up exhibition after the summer holidays in September focusses on the work of two photographers from The Netherlands: Dicky Brand and Jan Koster. For artist Dicky Brand it is her first big gallery exhibition. She has made a series of photographs from one of the islands in the north of The Netherlands, Ameland.

Characteristic for these islands in the north is the nearby inner sea called the Waddenzee. This sea, when low tide is on, forms mudflats and possibilities to walk from one end to the other.  This vast area of mud, sand, water, birds is always changing its image due to the strong changes in tides and weather.  These changing aspects can be seen in the photographs of Dicky Brand. She has a sensitive eye for the quality of these landscapes where sun, clouds, morning dew and dense fog paint the sky or the horizon, reflect the light or the woollen forms of clouds on the ground, the sand, the mud and the sea. The wide colonies of birds lay shattered like ink dots on a piece of paper, spread out over the horizon, touched by a little bit of sun, their feathers twinkling from  drops of water. Dicky Brand has catched these impressive moments on the wad by coming back each time, by waiting patiently for the right conditions and by knowing what to expect. Photography is like hunting, waiting for the decisive moment to attack reality with the camera eye and the inner eye of the artist.

This can be said too for the images of Jan Koster, the Tankers, he found in the harbours of Amsterdam.  Here it is an industrial landscape that forms the reality for the camera.  Huge ships, bulkcarriers carrying oil or different heavy stuff from all over the world.

If one wants to define the colour scheme for the Mudflats images of Dicky Brand, natural gray and brown are the basics, but for Jan Kosters Tankers they are bright artificial painted colours of red, yellow, blue etc. The ships function as huge containers for colour schemes famous artists as Elsworth Kelly, Morris Louis or Barnett Newman could make jealous. These ships move slowly through the harbour of Amsterdam, waiting to be emptied or filled in a background of industrial settings of cranes, oil terminals, shipyards, docks  and wharehouses.  The combination of the rather smooth and colourful skins of ships or coasters and the capricious grayisch background of these industrial plots make it possible to look at the images on an abstract level of colour and structure. The emphasis on this is made even stronger when Jan Koster places five different images above each other melting into one image. Looking then at a distance the abstract quality of reality comes to mind.

Exhibition is on show till 18 October.


Wad Reeweg, Ameland, 2015 Wad Reeweg, Ameland, Dicky Brand, 2015

4x Coaster, 20154 x Coaster, Jan Koster, 2015