Opening: Saturday 27 April

Exhibition period: 27 April - 1 June, 2013


The painters Daniëlle van Broekhoven and Reinoud van Vught will show their new painted work in this exhibition. Both painters, as the title promises, use their canvas as underground for paint spread out fluently as if the paint itself makes the canvas alive. Also the fact that they paint, is a kind of crosscurrent attitude in today’s art world.

Reinoud van Vught, zt, 2013

Daniëlle van Broekhoven, Floating, 2012

The abstract currents of paint in the work of Daniëlle van Broekhoven eventually become landscapes. Landscapes but without horizon, without perspective structures under laying the composition, they are rather landscapes of the mind. The flow of paint and color evoke a sensitive world of growth, all in the eye of the beholder. Daniëlle van Broekhovens subtle use of color, sometimes very minimal but always used intensely, makes her paintings direct and confronting. Nothing, color or brushstroke, leads the eye in a different direction. All artistic items are focused to serve the painting. And how convincing this takes place.

The paintings of Reinoud van Vught differ in this way that he focuses on clear forms, on a construction of the composition with elements of forms with layers of meaning. In his world heads seem to float or is it a giant squid who travels the ocean with his friends, at the same time one can think of giant spermatozoa’s moving. Reinoud van Vught is playing with these layers of meaning. Here again, the eye of the beholder may see what he chooses. The context, like the paintings of Daniëlle van Broekhoven, is undefined, just an abstract flow of paint and color.
Both artists play with this layering of currents of paint, color and brushstroke. It makes their work vivid and dynamic, turning it into complex places where the eye can wander around making long walks before going to see the next painting.