Please don’t smile – Photography by Malte Wandel

Opening: Saturday 15 March, 4 pm

Exhibition period: 15 March - 26 April, 2014

Please don't smile - Photography by Malte Wandel

The photo series Please don‘t smile forms an important part in the body of work of Malte Wandel (Münich, Germany). After a one-year stay in West Africa in 2011, Wandel came back to Europe with a series of portraits of people that drew his interest during his journeys through Ghana, Burkina Faso and Togo. Some he photographed spontaneously, while others he visited at home in their familiar surroundings.

In this series, Malte Wandel successfully captures moments of the present in West African towns, from which he highlights certain protagonists and tells their stories.

Discreetly, he approaches passers-by, places eccentric individuals and representatives of unknown subcultures centre-frame and allows us an unusual view into life and personalities in today’s West Africa. Directly and unmodified, Wandel’s work deals with a wide variety of characters and the circumstances of their lives – during their hard daily work but also in their leisure time.

In his full-body photographs, Malte Wandel focuses on the steadfast look into the camera and allows, with the respectful distance, space for individual expression – between humility, pride and confidence.

Malte Wandel, Please don´t smile 5, 2011



Special edition of this photograph:

Toothbrushes (Burkina Faso), 32,5x26 cm, 2011

Toothbrushes (Burkina Faso)

Toothbrushes (Burkina Faso)
32,5×26 cm
edition 20
price: € 500!
Print and framing in plexi/dbond included.