Raw Revisited

Raw Revisited


Exhibition period: 23 March – 20 April, 2013

The February art fair Raw in Rotterdam attracted many visitors and we received many questions concerning the works we presented: photography of Wim van Egmond and Nicolas Wilmouth and painting by Reinoud van Vught.
To give people a second chance to see all the works again, is the aim of this exhibition. But also the fact that in the gallery we can present the artworks in a different way; with more light and more space.

Wim van Egmond’s images show the insignificant small nature photographed very close by. He shows complex landscapes of ground surfaces or a tidal pool, very small creatures or young plants with fresh leaves who stick out of the water, mussels and sea anemones.

Reinoud van Vught’s paintings resemble the landscapes of Wim van Egmond. Complex structures of paint, layered in an abstract language of gesture and drippings.

Nicolas Wilmouth makes still lifes with photography that could have made 17th century genre painter Claesz. Heijda jealous. The light in photography can not be painted. The still lifes of Wilmouth are contemporary, but refer to the 17th century genre painting.