Size S

Opening: Saturday 26 January 2013, 4 pm

Exhibition period: 26 January - 8 March 2013

Size S

The developments in the Art world show the making of large sized artworks, extra large installations, often taking place in the public space.
The size of an artwork is often defined by the possibilities of its material. Canvas for painting can be rolled out as a carpet, paper as big as the wall itself to draw on, and photographs can be printed on facades of buildings or on the back of an airplane. Artists seem to work without limitations.

The exhibition Size S shows small sized works of art, smaller than the average of sizes the participating artists are used to work with. They were given the limitation to make their work not larger than 30×30 cm. Not as a reaction to oversized artworks, but as a challenge to formulate their vision in a different manner, using a very small size. All the artists have made new work for this exhibition.

Daniëlle van Broekhoven, Brieke Drost, Koen Ebeling Koning, Wim van Egmond, Aymeric Fouquez, João Grama, Aart Houtman, Jan Koster, Euf Lindeboom, Johan Nieuwenhuize, Benoît Vollmer, Reinoud van Vught, Malte Wandel, Maarten Wetsema, Anne-Meike van Willegen, Nicolas Wilmouth, Fieke Ypma, Luisa Zanzani, Thomas Zika, Zuijderwijk/Vergouwe.

We are participating in the RAW Art Fair; 6 – 10 February. The gallery is closed during this period so please come and visit us in Rotterdam!