The Coast

The Coast

the-coastPhoto by João Grama

Exhibition period: 12 October – 16 November 2013

Opening: Saturday 12 October, 4 pm

The Hague, the only big city in The Netherlands located close to the sea, has been the home of our gallery for 30 years now. Time to celebrate this unique location with an exhibition about the coast with work of photographers: Wout Berger, João Grama, Jan Koster, Hans van der Meer and Dolph Kessler.

The coast itself is a phenomenon in the geography of each country that has a connection to the sea. The coast is a natural barrier between water and land.
Sitting on the shore, or walking on the beach, all our senses are stimulated.
The eye can wander around, absorbing the shades of blue, green and grey of the sea, the blue of the sky and the variety of colours from other surroundings.
The eye can travel in the distance, seeing the horizon as a long strip where the orange sun sets, sometimes giving the sky a beautifull red dotted pattern.
At the same time the feet and toes feel the softness of the sand or the harshness of rocky stones.
One can hear the sea, the rolling of the waves, the tidal rhythm of high and low, a dark and heavy sound sometimes cut through with the shrill cries of seagulls, circling as white kites against the sky.
And our nose smells the sea, smells the fishy air at the coast when there are harbours with fishing sheds. Our taste will be tested later on when eating some fish from the sea in a nice beach restaurant.

According to the images in this exhibition, the artists must have experienced a similar sensation of the senses. The images are evocative, they bring to you the atmosphere of the coast, so you can hear the sound of the sea again, or smell the fish and watch the birds…

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